Coimbatore Agenda

***This Agenda is tentative and subject to change.***

Day 1 - Live Surgeries, Sawbones, Technical Videos

Final cases to be announced based on availablilty.  We will try to perform the following surgeries:

  1. Trauma: Calcaneal or Talus Fracture, Malunited Fracture
  2. Arthoscopy Case - Ankle or Subtalar Joint
  3. Flat Foot Reconstruction
  4. Tendon Transfer
  5. Fusion - Ankle, Subtalar, or Triple Arthrodesis
  6. Achilles Tendon Surgery
  7. Nerve Surgery - Tarsal Tunnel Release or Morton's Neuroma Excision
  8. Rheumatoid Foot Reconstruciton
3:00-4:30PM Sawbones: MemoMetal, Inc.
4:30-6:00PM Sawbones: Extremity Medical, Inc.

Day 2

Time Topic
8:50-9:00AM Introduction and Welcome

Foot & Ankle Trauma

9:00-9:10AM Recent Concepts in the Management of Ankle Fractures
9:10-9:20AM Management Algorithm to Pilon Fractures
9:20-9:30AM Approach to Syndesmotic Injuries
9:30-9:40AM Questions
9:40-9:50AM Management Principals and Algorithm of Care for Talar Fractures
9:50-10:00AM Navicular Fractures - Approach and Management
10:00-10:10AM Open Treatment of Calcaneal Fractures - When and How?
10:10-10:20AM Minimally Invasive Surgery Calcaneal Fractures - When and How?
10:20-10:30AM Questions
10:30-10:45AM Tea Break

Foot & Ankle Arthritis

10:45-10:55AM Ankle Arthritis - Nonoperative Approach
10:55-11:05AM Ankle Arthritis - Distraction Arthroplasty
11:05-11:15AM Ankle Arthritis - Fusion (open, arthroscopic, and mini)
11:15-11:25AM Ankle Arthritis - Total Ankle Replacement
11:25-11:35AM Questions
11:35-11:45AM Subtalar/Talonavicular/Calcaneocuboid Arthritis - Nonoperative Approach
11:45-11:55AM Subtalar Arthritis - Open Arthrodesis
11:55AM-12:05PM Subtalar Arthritis - Percutaneous Arthrodesis
12:05-12:15PM Subtalar Arthritis - Distraction Arthrodesis
12:15-12:30PM Questions
12:30-1:30PM Lunch

Foot & Ankle Sports

1:30-1:40PM Approach and Management of Achilles Tedonitis - Noninsertional
1:40-1:50PM Approach and Management of Achilles Tedonitis - Insertional
1:50-2:00PM Haglund's Syndrome Correction by Minimally Invasive Surgery
2:00-2:10PM Approach and Management of Achilles Ruptures
2:10-2:20PM Approach and Management of Peroneal Tendonitis
2:20-2:30PM Approach and Management of Peroneal Tendon Tears
2:30-2:40PM Questions
2:40-2:50PM Ankle Instability - Nonoperative Approach
2:50-3:00PM Ankle Instability - Operative (Primary and Salvage) Techniques
3:00-3:10PM Deltoid Sprains and Tears - Approach and Management
3:10-3:25PM Tea Break

Miscellaneous Foot & Ankle

3:25-3:35PM Approach and Management of Plantar Heel Pain
3:35-3:45PM Approach and Management of Rheumatoid Foot
3:45-3:55PM Approach and Management of Hallux Valgus
3:55-4:05PM Hallux Valgus Correction by Minimally Invasive Surgery
4:05-4:15PM Approach and Management of Claw and Hammer Toes
4:15-4:25PM Questions
4:25-5:00PM Cases

Day 3 

Time Topic
8:50-9:00AM Introduction and Welcome

Foot and Ankle Trauma

9:00-9:10AM Lisfranc Injuries - Diagnostic Dilemma
9:10-9:20AM Management of Open Fractures of the Foot and Ankle
9:20-9:30AM Jones Fractures - When to Operate, When to Cast
9:30-9:40AM Fractures in Diabetics - Approach and Management


9:50-10:00AM Tips and Tricks for Application of Ex-fix for Ankle and Foot Fractures
10:00-10:10AM Nonunions - Nonoperative Approach and Management
10:10-10:20AM Neglected Ankle Fractures - Management and Tips
10:20-10:30AM Nonunions - Operative Techniques and Tips
10:30-10:40AM Questions


Tea Break

Foot & Ankle Arthritis

10:55-11:05AM Double and Triple Arthrodesis - Techniques and Tips
11:05-11:15AM Lisfranc and Midtarsal Arthritis - Nonoperative approach
11:15-11:25AM Lisfranc and Midtarsal Arthrodesis - Techniques and Tips
11:25-11:35AM Hallux Rigidus - Nonoperative Approach and Management
11:35-11:45AM Hallux Rigidus - Operative (Fusion, Soft-tissue Arthroplasty)
11:45AM-11:55AM Pantalar Arthrodesis Using IM nail in Post Traumatic Conditions
11:55-12:05PM Questions
12:05-1:00PM Lunch

Foot & Ankle Sports

1:00-1:10PM Ankle Arthroscopy - Techniques and Tips
1:10-1:20PM Osteochondral Defects - Approach and Management
1:20-1:30PM Posterior Ankle Arthroscopy - Techniques and Tips
1:30-1:40PM Subtalar Arthroscopy - Techniques and Tips
1:40-1:50PM Questions

Neurologic Foot

1:50-2:00PM Midfoot Sprains - Approach and Management
2:00-2:10PM Turf Toe Injuries - Approach and Management
2:10-2:20PM Stress Fractures - Approach and Management
2:20-2:30PM Introduction to Minimally Invasive Surgery in Foot and Ankle
2:30-2:40PM Questions

Miscellaneous Foot & Ankle

2:40-2:50PM Pes Planus Deformity - Approach and Management
2:50-3:00PM Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Approach and Management
3:00-3:10PM Morton's Neuroma - Approach and Management
3:10-3:20PM Approach and Management of the Neuropathic Foot and Ankle
3:20-3:50PM Negative Pressure Therapy/VAC Applications and Demonstration
3:50-4:00PM Questions and Wrap Up


If you have questions about the conference, please contact us.