G.S. Kulkarni, MD

G.S. Kulkarni, MD

President of Trauma Society of India

Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon
Orthopaedic Hospital of Post-graduate Institute of Swasthiyog 
Pratishthan, Miraj

Dr. Kulkarni is the Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon of Orthopaedic Hospital of Post-graduate Institute of Swasthiyog Pratishthan, Miraj. This is a hundred bedded orthopaedic hospital, fully equipped for treating patients as well as for teaching post-graduate courses in orthopaedics of the Shivaji University. This hospital is rated as one of the best hospitals in India. He has been working in the filed of orthopaedics for 37 years.

He is also a professor, Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, and Director of Post-Graduate Institute of Swasthiyog Pratishthan, Miraj. for teaching M.S.(Ortho) & D.(Ortho) courses at Shivaji University and Dip.N.B. (M.N.A.M.S.) of the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.  His others positions include: Editor of orthopaedic journal, “Clinical Orthopaedics, India"; Chief Research Director “Sandhata Medical Research Society;” and Chief Editor of Text Book of Orthopaedics and Trauma.  Dr. Kulkarni's center is one of the biggest centers for Ilizarov in India. He has conducted basic and advance courses of Ilizarov almost in all the States of India.

Dr. Kulkarni was a Howmedica Fellow selected by the Indian Orthopaedic Association in the year 1990-91 and has participated as faculty in a large number of national and international conferences.

He has been blessed with one daughter and two sons, both whom are orthopaedic surgeons, with both daughter-in-laws also orthopaedics surgeons.

Positions Held

  • Past President - Indian Orthopedic Association (IOA) for 2002-03
  • Maharashtra Orthopedic Association (MOA)
  • Association for the Study of Application and Methodology of llizarov (ASAMI-INDIA)


  • KINI Memorial oration invited by ASI
  • KATRAK Oration 2000 invited by BOS

Guest Lectures Abroad

U.K. - On Congenital Pseudoarthrosis of Tibia at university of Liverpool in 1997.

USA – University of Maryland. on deformity correction in 1997. Faculty at the Deformity and Limb Lengthening course at Baltimore in 1999.

Germany - National Editor for the International Journal of Trauma and Orthopaedics. Chief editor Prof.Uhthoff published in Germany.

Books Published

  1. Editor of the “Text Book of Orthopaedics” proposed by the Indian Orthopaedic Association.
  2. Editor of “Recent Advances in Orthopaedics”
  3. Chief Editor of the Orthopaedic Journal “CLINICAL ORTHOPAEDICS, INDIA”.
  4. Poliomyelitis
  5. Back School
  6. Editor of “Fitness of Body and Mind – Back pain”


He published more than 165 articles in national and international journals and presented more than 200 papers in various conferences.

Research Work

He has successfully completed the research project approved by I.C.M.R. “Treatment of Fractures”. He has devised many new techniques in Orthopaedics - such as Miraj Nail for intertroch and subtroch fractures and in Ilizarov technique.


In 2009, Dr. Kulkarni was awarded the “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” from Sancheti Institute Of Orthopaedic And Research, Pune, for their Text Book of ‘Orthopaedics and Trauma’ and ‘their experience in field of Orthopaedics more than 40 years’.


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