2010 Mumbai Conference

The Advances & Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery Meeting, is presented by the Parekh Family Foundation. The aim of this course is to disseminate and share techniques in foot and ankle surgery with surgeons from India, South Asia, and the United States. The first annual meeting is scheduled for live surgeries and workshops, followed by didactic sessions.

The first annual meeting will be held on:

January 15 - 17, 2010 in Mumbai, India


The course will take place at the Tata Memorial Centre. Faculty from both the US and India will participate in the teaching during the workshops and the didactic sessions. This will provide attendees and registrants with a unique perspective on foot and ankle pathologies.

Mumbai Agenda

***This Agenda is tentative and subject to change.***

Day 1

Live Surgery 1 - TBA
Live Surgery 2 - TBA
Live Surgery 3 - TBA
Sawbones - Total Ankle Arthroplasty

Day 2

Time Topic Faculty
8:00-9:00AM Breakfast  -- 

Principles and Practices in Foot and Ankle

8:50-9:00AM Introduction and Welcome Selene Parekh, MD
Rajiv Shah, MD
Ram Prabhoo, MD
9:00-9:15AM Foot and ankle exam basics Selene Parekh, MD
9:15-9:30AM Imaging of the foot and ankle Bipin Shah, MD
9:30-9:45AM Orthoses and footwear Anish Kadakia, MD

Hindfoot Trauma

9:45-10:00AM Pilon fractures Malhar Dave, MD
10:00-10:15AM Syndesmotic injuries Selene Parekh, MD
10:15-10:30AM Talar fractures Anish Kadakia, MD
10:30-10:45AM Osteochondral defects Selene Parekh, MD
10:45-10:55AM Questions  -- 

Foot Trauma

10:55-11:10AM Tea Break
11:10-11:20AM Midfoot injuries, including Lisfranc and variants Anish Kadakia, MD
11:20-11:35AM Calcaneal fractures Rajiv Shah, MD
11:35-11:40AM 5th Metatarsal fractures Selene Parekh, MD
11:40-11:55AM Physical therapy after foot and ankle trauma Zankhna Parekh, MSPT
11:55AM-12:05PM Questions  -- 

Symposium Plantar Heel Pain

12:05-12:20PM Conservative approaches to plantar heel pain Chair - Anish Kadakia, MD
Nikesh Shah, MD 
12:20-12:35PM Surgical approaches to plantar heel pain Rajiv Shah, MD
12:35-12:45PM Questions  -- 
12:45-1:30PM Lunch  -- 

Hallux Pain

1:30-1:40PM Approach and Management Hallux Valgus Keith Wapner, MD
1:40-1:50PM Approach and Management Hallux Rigidus James DeOrio, MD
1:50-2:00PM Questions  -- 

Symposium Rheumatoid Foot

2:00-2:10PM Approach and Management US Perspective Chair - James DeOrio, MD
Keith Wapner, MD
2:10-2:20PM Approach and Management India Perspective Malhar Dave, MD
2:20-2:30PM Questions  -- 

Lesser Toe Pain, Corns, Callosities

2:30-2:40PM Approach and Management Metatarsalgia Keith Wapner, MD
2:40-2:50PM Approach and Management Claw and Hammer Toes James DeOrio, MD
2:50-3:00PM Approach and Management Corns and Callosities Anish Kadakia, MD
3:00-3:10PM Questions  -- 
3:10-3:20PM Tea Break  -- 

Peroneal Tendon Problems

3:20-3:30PM Peroneal tendonitis Anish Kadakia, MD
3:30-3:40PM Peroneal tendon dislocation/subluxation and tears Selene Parekh, MD
3:40-3:50PM Questions  -- 

Pediatrics and Tumors

3:50-4:00PM Common pediatric foot and ankle issues Taral Nagda, MD
4:00-4:10PM CTEV/Clubfoot with JESS Treatment Ram Prabhoo, MD
4:10-4:20PM Foot and ankle tumors Manish Agarwal, MD
4:20-4:30PM Questions  -- 

Video Demo

4:30-4:40PM Ankle arthroscopy Dinshaw Pardiwala, MD
4:40-4:50PM Foot and ankle blocks and injections Anish Kadakia, MD
4:50-5:00PM Principles of total contact casting Rajiv Shah, MD
5:00-5:10PM Questions  -- 


5:10-5:30PM Attendee case presentations All Faculty


Day 3 

Time Topic Faculty
8:00-9:00AM Breakfast  -- 
Approach and Management of Neglected Trauma
8:50-9:00AM Introduction and Welcome Manish Agarwal, MD
9:00-9:15AM Untreated Ankle Sprain/Chronic Ankle Pain Dinshaw Pardiwala, MD
9:15-9:30AM Malunited Ankle Fractures/Potts James DeOrio, MD
9:30-9:45AM Talar AVN/Non-Union James DeOrio, MD


Malunited calcaneal fractures Sanjay Agarwala, MD
10:00-10:15AM Missed Lisfranc Selene Parekh, MD
10:15-10:25AM Questions  -- 

Achilles Tendon Problems

10:25-10:35AM Insertional Achilles tendonitis and Haglunds Keith Wapner, MD
10:35-10:45AM Noninsertional Achilles Tendonitis Anish Kadakia, MD


Achilles Ruptures Selene Parekh, MD
10:55-11:05AM Questions  -- 
11:05-11:20AM Tea Break  -- 

Symposium Pes Planus Deformity

11:20-11:30AM Stage 1 Flat Foot Deformity Chair - Selene Parekh, MD
Nikesh Shah, MD 
11:30-11:40AM Stage 2 Flat Foot Deformity Keith Wapner, MD
11:40AM-11:50AM Stage 3 and 4 Flat Foot Deformity James DeOrio, MD
11:50-12:00PM Questions  -- 
12:00-12:50PM Lunch  -- 

Symposium Arthritis

12:50-1:00PM Ankle Arthritis - Osteotomies, Distraction, & Fusions Chair - Rajiv Shah, MD
Keith Wapner, MD
1:00-1:10PM Ankle Arthritis - Total Ankle Replacement James DeOrio, MD
1:10-1:20PM Subtalar Arthritis  Anish Kadakia, MD 
1:20-1:30PM Tibiotalarcalcaneal Fusion - Indications, Techniques, Tips Selene Parekh, MD
1:30-1:40PM Triple Arthrodesis  - Indications, Techniques, Tips James DeOrio, MD
1:40-1:50PM Questions  -- 

Neurologic Foot

1:50-2:00PM Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Morton's Neuroma Anish Kadakia, MD
2:00-2:10PM Principals of Tendon Transfers Keith Wapner, MD
2:10-2:20PM Iatrogenic Neurologic Issues Rajiv Shah, MD
2:20-2:30PM Polio foot and ankle deformites Rajiv Shah, MD
2:30-2:40PM Questions  -- 
2:40-2:50PM Tea Break  -- 

Symposium Diabetic Foot

2:50-3:00PM General Foot Care Chair - Keith Wapner, MD
Malhar Dave, MD
3:00-3:10PM Ulcer and wound healing care Vibhakar Vachrajani, MD
3:10-3:25PM Role of Orthopaedic Surgeon in Diabetic Foot Rajiv Shah, MD
3:25-3:40PM Principals and Approach to the Charcot Foot and Ankle Anish Kadakia, MD
3:40-3:50PM Questions  -- 

Workshops/Hands-on w/ Sawbones

3:50-4:05PM ORIF Calcaneal fractures All Faculty
4:05-4:20PM ORIF Lisfranc All Faculty
4:20-5:00PM Total Ankle Replacement All Faculty



If you have questions about the conference, please contact us.