Mumbai Agenda

***This Agenda is tentative and subject to change.***

Day 1

Live Surgery 1 - TBA
Live Surgery 2 - TBA
Live Surgery 3 - TBA
Sawbones - Total Ankle Arthroplasty

Day 2

Time Topic Faculty
8:00-9:00AM Breakfast  -- 

Principles and Practices in Foot and Ankle

8:50-9:00AM Introduction and Welcome Selene Parekh, MD
Rajiv Shah, MD
Ram Prabhoo, MD
9:00-9:15AM Foot and ankle exam basics Selene Parekh, MD
9:15-9:30AM Imaging of the foot and ankle Bipin Shah, MD
9:30-9:45AM Orthoses and footwear Anish Kadakia, MD

Hindfoot Trauma

9:45-10:00AM Pilon fractures Malhar Dave, MD
10:00-10:15AM Syndesmotic injuries Selene Parekh, MD
10:15-10:30AM Talar fractures Anish Kadakia, MD
10:30-10:45AM Osteochondral defects Selene Parekh, MD
10:45-10:55AM Questions  -- 

Foot Trauma

10:55-11:10AM Tea Break
11:10-11:20AM Midfoot injuries, including Lisfranc and variants Anish Kadakia, MD
11:20-11:35AM Calcaneal fractures Rajiv Shah, MD
11:35-11:40AM 5th Metatarsal fractures Selene Parekh, MD
11:40-11:55AM Physical therapy after foot and ankle trauma Zankhna Parekh, MSPT
11:55AM-12:05PM Questions  -- 

Symposium Plantar Heel Pain

12:05-12:20PM Conservative approaches to plantar heel pain Chair - Anish Kadakia, MD
Nikesh Shah, MD 
12:20-12:35PM Surgical approaches to plantar heel pain Rajiv Shah, MD
12:35-12:45PM Questions  -- 
12:45-1:30PM Lunch  -- 

Hallux Pain

1:30-1:40PM Approach and Management Hallux Valgus Keith Wapner, MD
1:40-1:50PM Approach and Management Hallux Rigidus James DeOrio, MD
1:50-2:00PM Questions  -- 

Symposium Rheumatoid Foot

2:00-2:10PM Approach and Management US Perspective Chair - James DeOrio, MD
Keith Wapner, MD
2:10-2:20PM Approach and Management India Perspective Malhar Dave, MD
2:20-2:30PM Questions  -- 

Lesser Toe Pain, Corns, Callosities

2:30-2:40PM Approach and Management Metatarsalgia Keith Wapner, MD
2:40-2:50PM Approach and Management Claw and Hammer Toes James DeOrio, MD
2:50-3:00PM Approach and Management Corns and Callosities Anish Kadakia, MD
3:00-3:10PM Questions  -- 
3:10-3:20PM Tea Break  -- 

Peroneal Tendon Problems

3:20-3:30PM Peroneal tendonitis Anish Kadakia, MD
3:30-3:40PM Peroneal tendon dislocation/subluxation and tears Selene Parekh, MD
3:40-3:50PM Questions  -- 

Pediatrics and Tumors

3:50-4:00PM Common pediatric foot and ankle issues Taral Nagda, MD
4:00-4:10PM CTEV/Clubfoot with JESS Treatment Ram Prabhoo, MD
4:10-4:20PM Foot and ankle tumors Manish Agarwal, MD
4:20-4:30PM Questions  -- 

Video Demo

4:30-4:40PM Ankle arthroscopy Dinshaw Pardiwala, MD
4:40-4:50PM Foot and ankle blocks and injections Anish Kadakia, MD
4:50-5:00PM Principles of total contact casting Rajiv Shah, MD
5:00-5:10PM Questions  -- 


5:10-5:30PM Attendee case presentations All Faculty


Day 3 

Time Topic Faculty
8:00-9:00AM Breakfast  -- 
Approach and Management of Neglected Trauma
8:50-9:00AM Introduction and Welcome Manish Agarwal, MD
9:00-9:15AM Untreated Ankle Sprain/Chronic Ankle Pain Dinshaw Pardiwala, MD
9:15-9:30AM Malunited Ankle Fractures/Potts James DeOrio, MD
9:30-9:45AM Talar AVN/Non-Union James DeOrio, MD


Malunited calcaneal fractures Sanjay Agarwala, MD
10:00-10:15AM Missed Lisfranc Selene Parekh, MD
10:15-10:25AM Questions  -- 

Achilles Tendon Problems

10:25-10:35AM Insertional Achilles tendonitis and Haglunds Keith Wapner, MD
10:35-10:45AM Noninsertional Achilles Tendonitis Anish Kadakia, MD


Achilles Ruptures Selene Parekh, MD
10:55-11:05AM Questions  -- 
11:05-11:20AM Tea Break  -- 

Symposium Pes Planus Deformity

11:20-11:30AM Stage 1 Flat Foot Deformity Chair - Selene Parekh, MD
Nikesh Shah, MD 
11:30-11:40AM Stage 2 Flat Foot Deformity Keith Wapner, MD
11:40AM-11:50AM Stage 3 and 4 Flat Foot Deformity James DeOrio, MD
11:50-12:00PM Questions  -- 
12:00-12:50PM Lunch  -- 

Symposium Arthritis

12:50-1:00PM Ankle Arthritis - Osteotomies, Distraction, & Fusions Chair - Rajiv Shah, MD
Keith Wapner, MD
1:00-1:10PM Ankle Arthritis - Total Ankle Replacement James DeOrio, MD
1:10-1:20PM Subtalar Arthritis  Anish Kadakia, MD 
1:20-1:30PM Tibiotalarcalcaneal Fusion - Indications, Techniques, Tips Selene Parekh, MD
1:30-1:40PM Triple Arthrodesis  - Indications, Techniques, Tips James DeOrio, MD
1:40-1:50PM Questions  -- 

Neurologic Foot

1:50-2:00PM Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Morton's Neuroma Anish Kadakia, MD
2:00-2:10PM Principals of Tendon Transfers Keith Wapner, MD
2:10-2:20PM Iatrogenic Neurologic Issues Rajiv Shah, MD
2:20-2:30PM Polio foot and ankle deformites Rajiv Shah, MD
2:30-2:40PM Questions  -- 
2:40-2:50PM Tea Break  -- 

Symposium Diabetic Foot

2:50-3:00PM General Foot Care Chair - Keith Wapner, MD
Malhar Dave, MD
3:00-3:10PM Ulcer and wound healing care Vibhakar Vachrajani, MD
3:10-3:25PM Role of Orthopaedic Surgeon in Diabetic Foot Rajiv Shah, MD
3:25-3:40PM Principals and Approach to the Charcot Foot and Ankle Anish Kadakia, MD
3:40-3:50PM Questions  -- 

Workshops/Hands-on w/ Sawbones

3:50-4:05PM ORIF Calcaneal fractures All Faculty
4:05-4:20PM ORIF Lisfranc All Faculty
4:20-5:00PM Total Ankle Replacement All Faculty



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