Sheldon Lin, MD


Chief of Foot Ankle Division
Associate Professor of the Department of Orthopedics
Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School
Newark, NJ

Sheldon Lin, M.D. is chief of Foot Ankle Division and Associate Professor of the Department of Orthopedics at Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School. He has extensive clinical experience in lower extremity, with specific focus on foot and ankle trauma and fusions. Dr. Lin’s expertise has earned him the position of Associate Editor of Foot Ankle International as well as section editor for OKU Foot Ankle I and II.

In addition, he has been Chairperson of the AOFAS Research Committee, OREF Prospective Clinical Research as well as currently Chair for the ORS Awards committee and reviewer for DOD CDMRP. He also has served as Program Director for the Orthobiologic Symposium at the AOFAS Pre-meeting in 2012.

His research interests have focused on the role of insulin and insulin mimetic agents upon bone healing. With his previous experience in Pre-clinical and Clinical FDA trials (BioMimetic Therapeutics/Wright Medical) in orthobiologic agents, he has developed an orthobiologic platform supported by multiple publications and presentations demonstrating its potential clinical application in fusions (hindfoot, spine), fracture healing(implantable and injectable options) and segmental defects.


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